Our History.

In René Parts We are a company that thankfully began in the market for spare parts for moto-taxis and then we went to fill the variety of spare parts for two-wheel motorcycles, to offer the competitive alternative customer product quality and personalized attention. Which we characterize us as advisers parts.

In each of the three branches of René Parts nationally, you will find the widest range of spare parts at the best prices in the market. Our priority is to provide the best selection of spare parts of the highest quality, to satisfy all your needs with our product lines, assisting with personal attention, speed, technical knowledge, warmth of our people, to find everything you need to his motorcycle.

We have the support and confidence of our clients who have found the most direct route for the maintenance and comfort of your motorcycle in our wide range of parts and accessories in the best marks.

We offer first class products at the best prices for your convenience and benefit, with the effort and gratitude of our family business. It is our goal to share our knowledge and expertise to put their hands on the parts of your motorcycle with the guarantee of brands worldwide for the quality of its products.

We offer spare parts for all makes of motorcycles and all Asian models, Brazilian and India, who are in the market, one of our specialties assist with spare parts for motorcycles with low cylinder capacity.

In our process of getting high-quality parts with the help of God we IMBRA the Colombian company, which manufactures a large portfolio of products some of which are: friction, pills, kit packaging, kit scissors, springs, mudguards, plastic, etc., all high-quality, to meet the needs of our customers.

We do not stop looking for more choice for the consumer, with the help of God we find the company VINI which is OEM PARTS, one of the most important in the world’s most recognized brands including manufacturers is the Yamaha Suzuki, Kimco, Peougeot, Piggio, etc., we guarantee our customers quality when making purchasing your parts, also taking into account its large portfolio that is growing day by day with much more.

With God’s help, another option came to us as it is HARD brand, which is a recognized supplier of tires and tubes, this brand assures consumers buying their investment quality. Our company is the only one in El Salvador, working this brand almost its entire portfolio of products, importing them from its three factories in Asia, in order to provide quality service to our customers. Being the only ones to bring your tire Thailand, Taiwan and China.

In the search we equipped our line of high quality helmets and brand SPARK TECH, which fill us with satisfaction of our new line.

Thanks to you, we now have 4 locations nationwide, our headquarters in San Miguel, branches in Usulutan, San Salvador Ciudad Barrios and so all our products are in every corner of our country, through our partners strategic with whom we fight because our brands are preferred by our wholesale and retail customers, to satisfy their needs.


We provide coverage throughout El Salvador.

René Repuestos - Importadores Directos de Repuestos para Motocicletas

Leadership, Trust, Quality, Harmony with customers and distributors.

We sell to detail, Workshop and Wholesale.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

Proverbs 16: 9

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